Borderlands 3 cube puzzle guide

How to find and solve the Borderlands 3 floating cube puzzle

Come across a giant floating purple cube in Borderlands 3 and wondering what the heck it actually is? As with practically everything in Gearbox’s looter shooter, even this massive rotating cube contains loot, you just need to know how to crack it open.

SPOILER WARNING: This guide has spoilers for Borderlands 3 and it’s recommended that you don’t continue reading if you want to save the surprises until the end. Again, spoilers. This guide includes details of campaign content that we wouldn’t want to ruin for you. If you’re not quite there yet, you can check out our guides to the best builds in Borderlands 3 for every class. Or, main quest content that you can complete at any time throughout the playthrough such as the location of dead claptrap parts, or what to do with Eridian Writing.

Solving this puzzle will give you access to a staggering amount of loot, so here’s how you go about solving the Borderlands 3 cube puzzle. You’ll come across it when you arrive at the Desolation’s Edge area, you’ll come across a floating cube in a wide-open dust bowl environment. When you stumble across the floating cube, you’ll see it has several sides. Ominous enough, you probably wouldn’t consider flinging some bullets its way, but that’s exactly what you need to do.


In order to open the floating cube puzzle in Borderlands 3, you’ll need to fire at the different sides of the cube with a different elemental gun (shock, cryo, radiation, corrosive, non-elemental, and incendiary) which will in fact cause the cube to stop rotating and hang silently in the air for a few moments.

What happens next is quite extraordinary, and just in time to gear up for the final showdown. The cube will slowly detach and the base of the cube unfolds, dropping a silly amount of loot.

Thanks to these guys for uncovering the secret to solving the cube puzzle.

All that’s left to do is stand underneath and watch it rain. You’ll probably get yourself a few legendary’s, so you can compare them with our list of the best legendary guns in Borderlands 3.

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